Security Audits for Remote Gambling Operators (RTS Audits)

In July 2015 the Gambling Commission updated its advice about the annual security audits which are mandatory for remote gambling operator licensees. See link to read the full document

As a condition of being granted a licence all remote betting, casino, bingo as well as external lottery managers and some society lotteries are required to meet the specific Remote Technical Standards (RTS) and security requirements set by the Gambling Commission. This security audit has to be conducted annually and its findings submitted to the Gambling Commission. Newly licensed operators have to complete the first audit within six months of having been granted a licence. Read about RTS in more detail here:

The audit is based on the international Information Security Management System ISO 27001 and is used to demonstrate that licensed operators are compliant with the Commission’s licencing objectives in particular:

preventing crime in gambling

ensuring that gambling is conducted fairly and openly

protecting children and vulnerable groups from harm or exploitation through gambling

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