ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management ISO 27001 Information Security Management

Achieving ISO 27001 Certification visibly demonstrates that your organisation is conscious of the confidentiality and integrity of all information it creates, holds, moves and stores.

Conformance to ISO 27001 also clearly proves a organisation's heightened awareness of any potential internal and external security threats that may lead to a breach of security of any information managed within your organisation.

Implementing ISO 27001 Management System is vital to any business that holds ANY sensitive data. Your organisation may control information from personal and organisational, to highly valuable client related information. The security of this information is extremely important to your business, your staff, and your clients and also extremely valuable to your competitors.

Examples of ever present risks to a organisation's information include:

  • Data Protection breach
  • Unauthentic software
  • Malware
  • Hackers
  • Unscrupulous employees
  • Accidental loss or destruction of sensitive information (e.g., fire or flood

Falling foul to any of these risks could potentially ruin your business or seriously compromise your organisation's reputation.


Implementing the ISO 27001 Management System will assist you to greatly reduce the chance of these risks occurring by:

  • Improved data protection. Less chance of expensive lawsuits from potential loss of client data. Less chance of losing valuable in-house data.
  • Reduced risks against hacking and online attacks. Protect your systems and reduce the cost of data retrieval and expensive system down time.
  • Increased client confidence. Confident clients come back again and again and recommend organisations they trust to others.
  • Qualifying as a preferred supplier when tendering. This ensures that you will be taken seriously when bidding for new work.
  • Gaining the competitive edge over your rivals. Achieving certification to ISO 27001 will inspire confidence in your existing and potential clients.
  • Identify potential vulnerabilities and eliminate costly threats. Spotting potential security vulnerabilities before a threat arises allows you to implement improvements or more effective controls.
  • Increased organisation Profitability. All of the above lead to better performance from systems and staff and a greater confidence from clients old and new. This ensures consistent information security within the organisation and far greater opportunity for well supported growth in your business.

Our highly experienced team understands that no two organisations are the same and provide a totally bespoke ISO 27001 service, tailored to your requirements. No matter the size of your organisation, or what you do, The Certification Group will provide you with everything you and your team need to successfully implement a robust ISO27001 Management System.

We look forward to working with you.

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