Internal Audits

We are fully aware that in business ‘time is money’ and we would love to assist you to a) save time and b) save money.

How? Well, firstly as Internal audits are a mandatory requirement of any ISO Standard and that you are required to conduct a full cycle annually, this takes up a lot of time with planning, conducting, reporting, addressing non-conformances and evaluating the effectiveness of the corrective action, then re-auditing as necessary.

Secondly, in order to fulfil your Internal audit requirements, as you know, you need your Internal Auditors to be ‘competent’ and ‘impartial’ to the process being audited. This is not always easy; especially in small to medium sized businesses. To ensure that your Internal auditor is competent he or she will need to attend a course and continue to update their knowledge within their competency requirements. To ensure that your Internal auditor is impartial, he or she will not be able to audit any process and relating documented information to which they have had an input.

How can you get around this and save time and money in the long term? Have you thought about getting an external resource in to conduct this for you?

You don’t need to manage the Internal Audit process internally. One of our business activities includes conducting Internal Audits for all types and size of organisations. You can have as many visits as you would like per year, this normally depends upon the size of your organisation and the complexity of your internal processes. You will be assured that the personnel we use are qualified experienced Lead auditors and know their stuff! Therefore; they are competent to conduct your Internal audits, they are also impartial as they do not deal with the day to day running of your business.

“Phew”! I hear you say; that’s an easy and painless solution to gaining and/or continuing my certification and we are saving time to focus on bringing new business in!

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