Internal Audit Training

As you are probably aware, one of the main requirements of any of the ISO Standards is that you need your Internal Auditors to be ‘competent’ in order to conduct your organisations Internal audits.

Do your Internal auditors meet this requirement? Let us help to ensure that your Internal auditors are competent. We offer a one day training course at your premises for up to 4 personnel which covers the requirements of the standard and the fundamentals of internal auditing, however our two day course offers the same but with the addition of practical audit training around your processes and management system requirements.

All of our courses are run by Qualified Lead Auditors whom have experience ‘in the field’ and have a sound knowledge and competence to conduct external audits to organisations such as yourself. The trainer will pass on knowledge in relation to the requirements of the standard and the practical task of actually conducting the Internal Audits, i.e Audit Planning, reporting, identifying nonconformities, dealing with their root cause, corrective action and reporting results to ensure that monitoring and measurement can be managed effectively.

Because the training is ‘in-house’, in our experience your personnel will benefit because it is an informal atmosphere and questions, queries and answers tend to be specific to the Internal Audit process of your organisation.

For more information just give us a call or alternatively just book your training, at your place, at a time that is convenient with you!

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